Fuzzystar is a black she-cat with a white chin, underbelly, paws, and part of her tail and back. She has dark green eyes, and her fur is spiky and goes in all directions like a hedgehog.

Additional informationEdit

Fuzzystar is a sweet and kind as well as a fierce fighter, but sometimes she is short-tempered and grumpy. She is the main character in Fuzzypelt's Prophecy.


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Appretice ravenpaw by sassyheart-d3ek5yh


Mother: Dawnflower (Dead)

Father: Redshadow

Sisters: Flowerwish (dead), Cinderpelt, Hawkflower

Grandmothers: Goldenfeather(dead), Sandstream (dead)

Grandfathers: Smallnose (dead), Ashstorm (dead)