MythClan cats have odd powers. They live in a mysterious forest and border NightClan and WindClan.



Shinestar - Beautiful sleek golden she-cat that has the power to control weather RP'er: WolfRunner


Ninetail - Redish-brown she-cat with nine tails and brown eyes. Her tails can turn to wind, she can also turn into a fox. Roleplayer: Faolanmacduncan

Medicine Cat:

Dovewing- White she-cat. Can grow beautiful, long, pure white wings. RP'er: WolfRunner

Medicine Cat apprentice:


Tigerfang - a orange she-cat with balck stripes and amber eyes. Roleplayer: Icy

Owlwing - Brown tom with brown eyes and spotted wings. Can turn into a owl. Adopt now!

Silverpelt -Silverly-white tom with blue eyes. Power unknown. Adopt now!


Queens and their Kits:

Polarheart - Pure white she-cat with blue eyes. Can turn into a polar bear. Expecting Silverpelt's kit's. Adopt now!

Lemonkit - Yellow she-cat with the ability to go the speed of light. RPer: Edme



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