Oakfoot: Dirtclaw isn't proud of you sandypaw

Sandypaw: and why is that?

Oakfoot: because you always scare off the prey

Sandypaw: but you always say that! I can learn!

Oakfoot: You're just as bad as a kit.

Sandypaw :cries:

Oakfoot: oh shut up

Sandypaw: NO! I'M NOT LISTENING to you anymore!!!

Sandypaw :runs back to camp:

Oakfoot: Ugh you're such a crybaby

Sandypaw: and you're a terrible mentor! I hate you!

Sandypaw: I hate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oakfoot: Ok whatever I never liked you anyways.

Icestar: Oakfoot! come here right now and tell me whats going on.

Oakfoot: that kit wont listen to me and keeps doing what she wants.

Icestar: and why is that?

Oakfoot: because shes a naughty kit.

Icestar: I guess I will go have a talk to her.

Icestar: Sandypaw!!! Sandypaw!?! where are you?

Icestar :asks everyone in camp where Sandypaw went:

Sandypaw :runs off to the edge of the border and hides under a bush:

Icestar: WHERE ARE YOU SANDYPAW?!?!?!?!?

Oakfoot: Ugh that stupid apprentice, you shouldn't have made her an apprentice.

Icestar: Don't talk like that about her.

Oakfoot: and why is that

Oakfoot: you're too soft on her just because shes your grandkit

Icecloud: Be quiet unless you want to be punished

Oakfoot: fine...

At the edge of the border....

Sandypaw: why does Oakfoot have to be so mean...

Sandypaw: he always bullies me for being weak and taking longer to learn...

Bella: hello do you have a housefolk?

Sandypaw: you are a kittypet?

Bella: um I guess yeah?

Sandypaw: can i go with you? Im hiding from my clan

Bella: you should go back to your clan where you belong.

Sandypaw: but nobody likes me there!

Bella: Ignore that one mean cat. Everyone else there is worried that something happened to you.

Sandypaw: Ok... I guess I will go back. Thanks Bella.

Bella: no problem!

Sandypaw :goes back to camp:

Icestar: Sandypaw! where were you?

Brightkit: You back I missed playing with you!

Darkpaw: Yay you're back!

and so all the cats cheered for Sandypaw when she came back